A List Of  Tips And Tricks To Make Bath Time With Your Dog Easier!

A List Of Tips And Tricks To Make Bath Time With Your Dog Easier!

A List Of Tips And Tricks To Make Bath Time With Your Dog Easier!

This is a common problem that we actually get questions about from other dog owners regularly. As a result, we'd thought we'd give some tips and tricks to make bath time more enjoyable for both of you.

Here they are!

Take a nice long walk first

Most dogs naturally enjoy a dip in the water when they're feeling hot and exhausted after exercise, therefore, you should use those instincts to your advantage! Taking a dog for an extended walk before bath time can be a great calming mechanism.

Make the water the right temperature

The perfect temperature for most dogs at bath time is lukewarm water. A slide of temperature either way can make your dog less comfortable and cause a problem during this time.

Begin young (If possible)

Getting a puppy used to having a bath at a young age is a great way to avoid problems down the track. Many owners make the mistake of thinking that their puppy is adjusting well to bath time when really they stand there shaking in fear or show other signs of displeasure. This will only get worse as they get older! A tip is to let your puppy explore the bathtub several times without water in it first. this also means that you should keep the bathtub type and size consistent as much as possible.

Integrate food or treats into bath time routine

This can be done in multiple ways. To promote more positive associations with the bathtub, a good idea is to start feeding them there. They may be nervous at first but eventually, they will relax there.

Another technique is to award treats for calm behaviour, before or after the bath has taken place, with treats. You can also reward them by awarding a new toy or playing a favourite game!

Start small

If you know they have had problems with bath time in the past, break it down into smaller steps. 

The best thing could be to first get them used to the sound of running water. Then, once they have got used to this, just get their feet wet followed by just their legs and so on. Waiting for your dog to get used to each step is essential for this to work.

Use a dog shampoo and not a human shampoo

This one may be obvious to dog owners but the reason why is more complex. Your dog actually has a different tolerance to certain PH levels when compared to humans. Not using a dog shampoo can cause striping, dryness and interfere with any flea control. Using a proper dog shampoo has many benefits to your dog's skin and feels better during bath time for your dog!


We hope some of these tips help you. Leave a comment below if you've tried any of these out or if you are going to!

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