Does Your Dog Jump Your Fence? We Have Some Handy Tips To Help With This!

Does Your Dog Jump Your Fence? We Have Some Handy Tips To Help With This!

Does Your Dog Jump Your Fence? We Have Some Handy Tips To Help With This!

Unfortunately, this issue is faced by many pup owners around the World. It can not only be frustrating but could represent a danger to your dog, especially if you live in an area with a lot of busy roads.

The first step to solving this problem is to find the cause of this. There are a number of reasons why your pup may be escaping;


- They are bored or anxious and want to find something to do 

- They've heard something and MUST investigate

- They've seen something they want to chase

- They see another dog or human they want to meet and greet


From our experience the first one is the most common especially if you have a regular escapee!

It is important to first make sure all their physical and behavioural bases are covered. Make sure they have adequate water and food, toys or things that interest them and that they are getting regular exercise daily. Organising a walk in the middle of the day can be a really effective way to break up the time your dog is alone. Consider a trusted friend or reputable dog walker if you can't do this. 

If you know that you have these bases covered and it's not helping much then there are a few structural changes you can make to their environment;


- Place cat netting along the fence preferably at an angle. This will stop your dog from getting a foothold on the fence

- Set up a barrier around 1 Metre from your fence. This will act as an interior fence and will stop your dog from getting a run up. Planting shrubs in the same zone will have a similar effect

- Place PVC piping along the top of your fence. This will provide a much more slippery surface for your dog to get a grip onto. Also it is much more difficult to get a hold of for your pup as it's circular


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