A Checklist Of Things When Going Holidaying With Your Pup

A Checklist Of Things When Going Holidaying With Your Pup

A Checklist Of Things When Going Holidaying With Your Pup

Are you heading off on a holiday with your pet soon? We've got you covered at The Pampered Pet. We've put together a comprehensive list of things to remember when taking your loved one on holiday!

Here they are;

1.  Make sure your pet is microchipped and also make sure that your contact details are up to date on the register. If you've updated your phone number or changed your address recently make sure you let the appropriate people know! Also, an identification tag or personalized collar is essential even if your pet is microchipped. A simple name and phone number can help avoid complications when heading away! 

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2. Make sure your car is a comfortable place for your dog or cat to travel in. Readily available in the car you will need;

- Familiar bedding or an appropriate travel crate to sleep in

- A vehicle restraint to keep you and your pet safe. A back seat protector/restraint can be ideal for this! Also, a dog seat belt is a great thing to use.

- Your pets regular food or treats

- Collar (ideally be a personalized collar) + harness or lead

- Your loved one's favourite toys

- Food and water bowls

- Towel if your dog gets wet and possible grooming equipment if needed

- Any first aid or medication required by your dog

- A pooper scooper and plastic bags 

We also have a specific blog article on car travel here

3. Take plenty of breaks. Even the calmest and best-behaved dogs can become excited when travelling. They need regular toilet and rest breaks. 

4. Never leave your dog alone in your car even if only minutes. Even on a mild day, dogs can suffer from heat stress. This can lead to health complications and nobody wants that!


5. Important notes on flying with your pet;

- Some airlines actually prohibit the transportation of certain breeds. If your dog has a flat face or thick coat they are more susceptible to heat stress. Flat-faced breeds can suffer from breathing difficulties which can cause problems when flying. For more information, it's always good to seek advice from a vet and the airline itself.


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