Tips On What To Do If Your Cat Gets Lost

Tips On What To Do If Your Cat Gets Lost

Tips On What To Do If Your Cat Gets Lost

It's what every cat owner dreads, finding that your cat has gone missing. Unfortunately, it is an all too common problem especially if your cat spends a lot of time outside.

The first thing to note is, it is always important to make sure your cat is microchipped (if possible). It is also important your details on the microchip are updated. When you change addresses or change phone numbers this must be updated. It is also a good idea to have an id tag or personalized collar with your cat's name and your contact details on it. We have them available in our store here.


If you come to the conclusion that your cat is missing we have a checklist of things to do to help locate your loved one;

- Cats are generally curious and like to go in weird and wonderful places. Make sure you've thoroughly checked your home including in sheds and confined spaces.

- Let your microchipped database know as soon as they go missing.

- Put up posters in your local area which show a good quality image of your cat and your details.

- Ask your immediate neighbours to check their garages and sheds and to keep an eye and ear out over the coming days.

- Contact your local vets. If your cat has been injured they could have been taken there for treatment.

- Check online lost and found websites and Facebook pages. Notify them of your lost cat and post photos and contact details


Keep in mind that lost cats don't go very far. They normally stay within a five-house radius for days or even a week (especially true if they are a house cat). Some things you can do to lure your cat back if they are nearby are;

- Leave the garage door or side gate slightly opened. Cats prefer to sneak back home and are quite commonly caught sneaking home in the early hours of the morning.

- Use food to get them back. In this case, regular food won't do it! Heat up a smelly food such as tuna, sardines etc. Reheat every so often, your cat will be attracted to the smell.

- Appeal to their sense of smell. Place a number of items outside like;

             - a scoop of used litter

             - worn clothing

             - a pillowcase that they have slept on

             - your cat's favourite bed or blanky

             - a bathmat or towel that they are familiar with

- Cats respond to their normal owner's voice, not a frantic or panicked call. Make sure when you are calling them to use a normal voice as if you were calling them from one room to the other.


Most cats return some time from dusk till dawn so make sure you keep an eye and an ear out during this time when possible. We hope you never have to use these but it is always good to be informed and aware of what to do if your loved one does go missing. 

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The Pampered Pet Team

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  • An excellent site for lost pets is Lost Pet Finders

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