Personalised Nylon Banana Pattern Collar

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Make sure your pet is safe by always having their contact details on them.

This nylon collar comes complete with their name and a contact number.


Nylon Pattern Personalised Dog Collar

For: Small-Large dogs 

Material: Nylon


- A custom pet name and phone number of your choice laser engraved onto the Buckle

- Made from strong nylon with adjustable straps

- Reliable Engraved Metal buckle

- Metal loop to connect up leads


Sizing Chart:

Refer to images


Instructions for Sizing

Measure the circumference of your pet's neck with a tape measure. Then put two fingers between the tape measure and the neck of your dog. The measurement you get is the optimal size for your dog and then choose collar appropriate size accordingly.


Please note:

- Please refer to how measurements are taken for this product (see images)

- This item is a hand wash item only

 Personalized Dog Nylon Collar With Metal Buckle

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