Frilly Interactive Pet Snuffle Mat

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Cure your pet's boredom and keep them mentally stimulated with this Interactive Snuffle Mat. It's simple to use, just scatter the dry food and treats throughout and watch them be entertained as they search, gather and eventually eat their snack!

This mat is also great for helping pets that eat too fast. Creative compartments and obstacles prove challenging for them, which translates to a slower eating session and gives relief to your pets digestive system.


Material: Felt Cloth

For: All Sized Dogs/Cats

Features/ Benefits;

- Made from high-quality cloth/felt material

- Different shapes and hiding compartments to stimulate your pet's mind

- Designed with straps and an easy-fold design allowing for portable use


1 Size - 50 cm Length x 45 cm Width


 Cold Hand Wash

Please note:

- Due to manual measurements, please allow a 1-2 cm deviation on size listed


Strong Nylon Double Lead

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