Introducing A New Puppy Into The Household

Introducing A New Puppy Into The Household

Introducing A New Puppy Into The Household

Recently we’ve seen many Australians welcoming new furry friends into the family. Due to this, we’ve decided to include some tips below to assist in helping your puppy adjust to the new household.   


Living area

It’s important to create a comfortable and safe space to help your puppy settle in and become familiar with the new environment. Setting up a cosy sleeping area where they can retreat and rest is a great start. Remove anything that could pose a potential risk to your puppy from this space. This includes any rodent poisons, insecticides, fertiliser, medication, certain foods (i.e. chocolate, garlic, onion etc) & any choking or digestion hazards. For more details on household hazards please visit

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Exercise, Training & Socialising

Training and socialising are very important aspects to your puppies wellbeing and should be emphasised in their formative stages (between 3-17 weeks old). We recommend enrolling in puppy school classes and going for plenty of walks to help your puppy acclimatise with the environment. This can also be a fantastic bonding experience for you and you loved one.

Toilet training is also crucial at a young age and will save you many clean-ups in the future.

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Veterinarian Care

Puppies are very vulnerable to many different infections and diseases, some of which can be fatal. That means that it’s essential to keep your puppies vaccines up to date for their health and well-being. It is important to note, many boarding kennels and day cares won’t take animals who are not up to date with their vaccinations

De-sexing can also have positive effects on your puppies behaviour and health while also preventing any unplanned pregnancies.

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Introducing a new puppy into the household can be stressful and confusing for both parties. Dogs can live upwards of 15 years so it's important to consider the full scope of responsibilities of pet ownership prior to adding another member to the family. Adding routines, keeping consistency and exposing your puppy to different environments, both social and physical, will have dramatic impacts on your puppies physical and mental well-being for years to come.

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