6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active in the Winter

6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active in the Winter

6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active in the Winter

There are many fun moments that come with owning a dog, but going outside in the winter isn’t always one of them. Some breeds, such as thick-coated Huskies, Malamutes, and Great Pyranees, are happy to romp around in arctic temperatures, but many would rather be cozied up at home waiting for spring. 

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep your dog active this winter without anyone freezing their paws off.

Have the Right Gear

If your dog is struggling on winter walks, it might be that they’re missing proper weather protection. “Coats and boots are not just for people!” Smith says. “A warm coat can do wonders for dogs more sensitive to cold.”

Putting booties on an unenthused pup can challenge anyone’s patience, but snow, ice, and chemical salt wreak havoc on their paw pads. If shoes aren’t possible, try wiping your dog’s paws off when they get home then applying paw balm to soothe cracked areas. 

Play Inside

There are many ways to engage your dog both mentally and physically indoors, depending on how much space you have. Try hiding your dog’s favorite treat or toy as a game of Hide and Seek, or break out a rope for a contained round of tug of war. Smith says Hide and Seek is her favorite because it “makes them use their muscles, their brain and their nose, making them engage and demonstrate natural hunting desires.”

Plan a Pup-Date

As long as your dog tolerates other dogs in their space, indoor playdates are a great option for winter socialization. You’re not a regular parent; you’re a cool parent, so when it’s too cold for the dog park, invite your dog’s friends over to hang at the house. Just be sure to put away the breakables first!

Engage Their Minds

Dogs need mental stimulation as much as they need physical stimulation. Working on a new trick together can challenge your dog in both ways, and there’s an endless number to keep you occupied through the winter.

Keep Them Occupied

As any parent will tell you, it can be challenging to keep your child occupied all day. To stimulate independent play, put treats onto a kong, snuffle mat, or lick pad and let them go to town on it. “Sniffing and licking are very soothing activities for dogs, and as a consequence, they can help to take the energy levels down and provide the mental stimulation that your dog craves,” says Smith. 

Try Doggy Day Care

Depending on your dog’s behavior (and your budget), doggy daycare can be a great option for socializing a dog during winter, or even just when your schedule gets busy. By the time you pick them up at the end of the day they’ll be too tired to go on any long winter walks. Always make sure to thoroughly vet any doggy daycare before signing your pup up.

Winter can feel long—for you and your pup. But if you use these creative ways to keep your dog active during that time, you'll both stay entertained until the sun comes out again.

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